Sunday, August 12, 2007

Party Party Party It's the weekend.

My innocent husband went out to mow our lawn yesterday morning, and he discovered a very big problem. The front half of our lawn was converted to a swimming pool full of rocks and grass without our knowing about it. So we started digging around and about 4 hours later discovered a leak in the main water line to our house. After consulting a plumber, we will be replacing the entire line. This means we get to call blue stakes, bring in a backhoe, and the whole nine yards. So the lesson in gratitude I am gaining is that it is a privilege to be able to wash one's hands in one's own sink. And I really like brushing my teeth with running water. I told my friend about it at church today, and she said the main water line is much better than losing a sewer line. A root grew into one at her house, and their sewer backed up into their basement. I am even more grateful now!

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