Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lotsa News

Well, much has been happening around the family tree. James was in a serious car accident on his mission in which the car was totally smashed, but he escaped with a cut on his head. Was this a case of superhero powers or was it a blessing? I'd say probably both, since his mother is a Wonder Woman who was praying for him a lot.

John has become engaged to the lovely Hailey, and they will tie the proverbial knot in late November. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. You'll have many things to be thankful for at that time, not the least of which will be your convenient escape from years in the Singles Wards. (No offense to those currently experiencing them. I actually enjoyed my sojourn there thanks to my many disco performances in ward talent shows, but I digress.)

All of our family actually congregated to one area for a photo. If you can guess which person under eight has not had his or her face photoshopped on, you are totally awesome. I would give a prize for this, but I'm busy trying not to let monstrous piles of laundry consume me at the moment.

Send me your news, family! Also, there is another family member who has joined the blogosphere. Check out the blog roll for Amy's skilled photography.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Home John

We'd like to extend a special Welcome Home to John, who arrived late at night on August 5th! Thanks for the pictures, Liz. You all look great. Elizabeth even sent me a nice video, which I thought I didn't know how to do, but I tried, and hopefully, here it is: