Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HHS Homecoming Pageant and Elders

I am not ashamed to admit that my baby sister has just won the title of Homecoming Queen at Hurricane High School after singing a stellar rendition of Shania's It only hurts when I breathe. Congratulations Sammy girl!This picture turned out fun with the motion blur.

This is a picture of the Royalty. . .

Sammy and Mom, who is absolutely pleased as punch and proud of our girl.

Sammy and her best friend Charlie Ann Olson.

Sammy with another girl and Alex's sister Clarissa, who won best talent, with The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

The Elders are doing well, from all I gather. They have been very blessed with teaching opportunities and finding new people to teach. We are continually proud of them. John was apparently missed by a tree that fell down in a major storm to hit right next to his apartment. We're glad you're safe, John.


Anonymous said...

Well lets just say that i dont normally smile as i did in the motion picture thing haha! but it just happened to be the cheesy face i chose at the moment so i hope it brightens your day...:)

Anonymous said...

well that smile in the motion picture thing...i dont usually smile like that but it just happened to be my choice of cheesy smiles so i hope it brightens your day! :)

Sammy said...

that cheesy smile i chose isnt an everyday thing as a matter of fact i just chose it for that moment i hope it brightens your day:)