Monday, November 5, 2007

News from the North

Aunt Helen sends the following news:

James is waiting for his mission call. The status on his call is: "ready for assignment." He is excited about getting the call.

I hope you are all doing well. We have been busy at our house. We especially enjoyed the Fall Break on Monday and Tuesday of this week. We got a lot done in getting the yard ready for winter and getting rid of junk!

Liz has only two more months until she graduates from BYU with her BSN and will take her state test next year to be a full Registered Nurse.

Gordon is in his seventh year as the Bishop and continues to be a great Bishop. I am teaching the Marriage and Family Relations class in Sunday School. The past two months I've also been able to teach the Teachings for Our Time Relief Society Lesson.

At this time of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thanks for being such wonderful friends and family. You help make life great! Thanks for all your prayers for our family and especially for our missionary and soon-to-be missionary.

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