Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amy & Drew Are Engaged!

Drew proposed to me at Bridal Veil Falls on my 21st birthday (yesterday)! Of course I said yes! We're very happy and very excited as well. We have been dating for over 3 years. In church when I was younger, they had us write the qualities we wanted our future husbands to have. Well, Drew fits all those qualities and more! I am so happy to have the privilege of being his wife!! (Oh, and he picked the ring out all by himself!)


Jen said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Congratufreakinlations!!!!

Yaaaay! Your ring is gorgeous cutie pie.

sammygrace said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT RING IS BEAUTIFUL:)i'm so happy for you;)

Sara said...

Congrats! Your ring is gorgeous. I got engaged on my 21st birthday too! (great thinkin' Drew).