Saturday, October 25, 2008

just so you know.

Elder Colten Iverson is doing good. Hopefully you've previously checked my blog to know this already, but i just thought i'd let everyone know. He eats Bonku on a regular basis, its this doughy stuff that your not supposed to chew, and then he dips in "nut soup" which he said is very spicy but he likes it more now than he used to. He is just your average missionary spiritual giant, and it's great to hear from him. He is still adjusting to the Ghanaian culture, (if thats how u spell it) and the life of a missionary, but he is surviving and gettin stronger everyday. If you ever want any more details on how he is doing (because I'm sure all of you do, deep down you really wanna know) feel free to call me up and I'd be happy to tell ya :) My best wishes to the whole family i love you all. Actually- me and Colten talked about this, we are so blessed to have big families we love very much and who love us and support us through everything, so thanks to all of you guys for your love, and for just being part of my family!!! I consider myself very lucky to be part of the Bramall clan, and I'm so grateful I cant even explain it. Families are forever, and I'm glad. I love you guys. Peace out.

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Jen said...

Thanks Sammy. I'm glad to hear Colten is doing well. I turned comment moderation off again, because the robot seems to have left the bulletin alone for awhile now.