Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My dad got a HUGE elk, but he hasn't emailed me pictures yet. Still, you are welcome to congratulate him.

Jesse has moved to Provo, and Sammy's "good friend" Colton has gone to Ghana on his mission. Susannah has started hair school. Sara is having a boy. I cut my hair really short. . .

Amy shot her first wedding and it is awesome. You can see a sampling if you are her friend on Facebook or over at her blog, which is linked in the sidebar.

I'm scraping the barrel here. Send me news!


Jesse said...

And Susannah permed Sara's hair, and you can see my blog for any updates on me.

Mike and Melissa said...

Jenny, this sounds stupid, but I don't know how to post to the Bramall blog, or else I would. Is there a password or something?