Monday, January 21, 2008


So, I have been sadly neglecting this blog because no one ever comments on it. However, I do have some exciting news to relate, so I thought I would dust off the old bulletin and share.

John has been made an Assistant to the President of his mission. This will be such a learning and growing experience for him. I am very excited. My brother-in-law was an AP for a long time, and it was a great challenge. He really enjoyed it. He is back to normal work now, enjoying the last few weeks of his mission. I hope John enjoys it as well.

Jesse is training and serving as a District Leader, so he is doing well also. He is in Wenatchee (sp?), which produces approximately 1/3 of the world's apples, so think of him when you eat a nice juicy one.

And we are expecting a boy who will probably be named Henry at the end of April.

If you happen by, please comment that you were here, or better yet, email some news to me so I have something to post. My address is jbramall at yahoo dot com.

Love you all.


Jesse said...

Jen, You're so funny! I feel like I don't have a lot of interesting things to talk about either. Which explains why some of my posts are so random.

Congrats on the new baby coming! How exciting. And that is wonderful news about your missionaries.

If you get any emails with interesting news, maybe you can send them my way too? :)

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm glad to hear about Jesse. I know he is doing a great job as a missionary, but I haven't heard a lot so thanks.

Connie said...

Dear Jenny,
Sounds like you are a bit upset that we don't comment, but seriously, we , or I, read your blog and really enjoy it all the time.
Dad is doing ok, but for some reason he cannot sleep. He is tired and in alot of pain so we all need to pray for him and hope he can get some much needed rest. Love, Mom