Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It has come to my attention that I forgot the November and December birthdays, so here they are, with apologies to you November folks!

15 Art N
21 Erica B
25 Emily B

18 Aaron Y
22 Taylor B
25 Carol C
29 Nathaniel C

Happy Birthday everyone!

Elder Marble-ous

Oh wow!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I cannot believe that the time of year is come once again for me to talk to you. I am so excited to let you know of all the changes going on. I can't believe it is that time of year. I am way excited. Only two more weeks and I get to be spiritually pumped up by my family. Thanks for being so cool. I hope that I can sleep at night....;).

Well, the week is going great, it has been really eventful, and it is going by way way too fast. This transfer is already half over almost. I don't know what to do. Right now we have four people in the baptisimal pool that can be baptized this transfer. Not only do they have goals, but these are some of the most amazing people that I have ever taught on my mission. We have one who is the most humble man in the whole entire world. He sells tea leaves for a living, so that is obviously a problem, but he loves church, I mean loves church. We met with him right after last week and taught one of the most amazing lessons of my whole mission. It was actually our member that did most of the teaching, but this man has been a chain smoker since he was about twelve years old, meaning that he has smoked tons in these 15 years. But the spirit was strong in the lesson, and he commited to going cold turkey. I was in shock. He gave them up right on the spot because Elder Tarver and I asked him too. How amazing is that? Heavenly Father has really prepared this man to be a leader and a wonderful member of this church. Can you imagine when other investigators have smoking problems, they could talk to him and he will just tell them how its done. What an amazing guy.

Another one is a member referral. He uses his Book of Mormon with his friends testimony in it and everything. He is amazing and is almost done being taught. His biggest challenge so far is getting to church.

The third is having his baptisimal interview this week. I have watched an internal battle with him. He really is changing his mind set and watching his thoughts so that he can join this church. I have faith that he can do it as well. Keep praying for him.

The last is probably the hardest one right now, but he is great. It is a blessing to have so many wonderful people to work with. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and for His love for me and Elder Tarver and the Taipei 3rd ward. I really have never seen so many miracles, and I love it so much.

We sang in a nativity that the English ward put on, and it was really fun. It is so weird that last time I went I was still with Elder Miles, but this time, I was the one in charge. Oh man, how times have changed.

We also had a zone leader district leader training, and I learned a ton. I really learned about loving my Taiwanese brothers and sisters, and I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Anyways, time is almost up. I love you all thanks so much for all of your hard work and your prayers in my behalf. Have a good one, and talk to you soon!!! Love, Elder John Marble Shilin