Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chit Chat, etc.

I spoke on the phone with one of my dear aunties this afternoon, and she filled me in on several other interesting tidbits of who's up to what.

Ben C will be going to Iraq very soon. I personally am extremely grateful for the work our servicemen are doing over there. Ben is going as a civilian. Good luck to him, and wishes of better luck to his wife, who will not be joining him. Your whole family will be in our prayers.

As a graduate of "the zoo," I must express my pride and pleasure at the announcement that James M. and Candice C. will be attending in there in the fall. Congratulations on matriculation, kids.

Speaking of my fellow cougars, you can read more about the group that went with our cousin to Argentina at the new link on the side of this blog. Her initials are beneath her comments on one of the posts.

Congrats to the Nauvoo newlyweds, by the way. We hope you have a wonderful happily ever after, and remember what cousin Samuel advised at Sara & Ryan's wedding: "You should take her out to dinner."

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome Home, Liz!

Elizabeth has recently returned from Argentina on study abroad. We hope to hear a report soon...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following family members this month:

10 Susannah B. & Garrison N., and Happy Anniversary to all who got married this date
19 Matt H.
20 Helen M. & Elizabeth M.
24 Sara N.
30 Amy H.

Hello Family!

Recently I discovered that Aunt Larisa is going to be living in France for a couple of years. I was surprised, and I decided it would behoove us as a family to have a central location online where we can pick up bits of news about one another. I propose a blog. You can email me and I will post interesting information, missionary letters, etc. online, and we can make comments, etc. Please pass the word along, and start emailing news and pictures to me. Thanks everyone!

*Remember, don't send anything you don't want on the world wide web.